Sage is a good management tool
24th February 2011
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Many people buy Sage and use it to simply record the day to day financial transactions of the business  However it should be used to help manage the Business by;

  • Monitoring and managing costs
  • Identifying  unpaid invoices to then chase payments
  • Identifying  how much is owed to each supplier and when payments are due
  • Job costing or to Identify how much profit has been made on a particular job
  • Identify the best selling lines
  • Monitor monthly profit  to provide for Tax at the year end


All of this information can help you make informed decisions about how to grow and move your business forward. You will be able to identify Cash flow problems or if a job has not made profit  you will be able to adjust pricing for future. Jobs lines that are not selling well can be discontinued to make way for better selling lines.


If you confused by any of this information, Sage, or need any book keeping support please contact;

Anita Alcock at  or call 07779185457.

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