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1st August 2016
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Saffron Consulting and Lyoness Loyalty Scheme

Lyoness – A strong Partner for your business

What is Lyoness?

Lyoness enables shoppers to save money when shopping in a number of different retail sectors all over the world, simply by being part of a Shopping Community. Lyoness members benefit from Cashback and Shopping Points every time they shop at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. Lyoness also offers companies in the retail service sectors the chance to attract new, loyal customers with its successful Customer Loyalty Programme.


How can it help your business?

Tens of thousands of Lyoness Loyalty Merchants benefit from the opportunity to acquire a new customer, keep customers informed and reward loyal customers. Businesses are given the opportunity to run their own loyalty programme thanks to the specially developed program.


Are you looking to grow your business audience? And retain old customers? Then look no further than the Lyoness Loyalty Programme.

In summary, how could your business benefit?

- Attract new customers

- Generate an increase in sales more quickly

- Efficient personal customer loyalty programme

- Analyse your business statistics

- Only pay when you've made a sale!

- Communicate effectively with your customers

- Improve customer satisfaction and relationships with your business


The custom-made solutions developed by the Lyoness Program lends itself well to online shops, small and medium-sized businesses, offering a quick and effective solution for a worldwide shopping community as well as amazing B2B opportunities.


There are already thousands of businesses benefitting from the Lyoness Program and your business too can become part of the world's largest shopping community!

There are three packages so plenty of opportunity to choose the right program for your business and its customers.


If you are looking for more increased sales and opportunities for your business, then talk to your local independent Lyconet Marketer Adrian Thornton on 07929 230 245

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