Safety first
17th November 2011
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After a few drinks both men and women can become more courageous, but don’t let this effect your judgement when catching a taxi late at night, the number of drivers posing as taxi drivers increases during the festive season as they are out to make quick money, but this can have devastating effect on victims, we have all read horrid stories about rogue drivers over the years here are a few points that will reduce the potential of becoming a victim.


Never get into an unmarked car- all taxis and private hire vehicles have a licence number and stickers, rogue drivers will not.


Never travel alone – organise beforehand to avoid travelling alone.


Look out for taxi marshals – most town centres have taxi marshals that will direct you to the right place.


Agree the price before hand or make sure the vehicle has a working meter.


Never jump into a private hire vehicle unless it is pre booked.


For added safety text one of your friends/family the vehicles taxi / private hire plate number, if there is any problem you have a record of the driver/ vehicle that took you.


Or ideally just contact Yellow Cars 01922 72 22 33 ( ) and let us take the stress out of getting home.

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