Replacing an outdoor light fixtures!
22nd April 2015
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Okay, before you start…….STOP!!                              And turn off your power

First of all start unscrewing/untwisting/un-clipping your old light fixture. Everyone’s is a little different so do what you need to, to remove yours from its mount.

Now, you should see some plastic caps covering your wire ends.  There should be black wires, white wires, and some copper colored ground wires. (Again, yours may be a little different……but black and white seem to be pretty standard.  But the ground wire could be another colour.) Unscrew them right off and then untwist the wire ends.


Then, screw your mount on.  Every mount will be a little different… follow your instructions. Just mount the mount (the copper colour pieces) to the old one (grey circle piece), you will probably mount yours right to your wall and over an exposed hole in the wall where all the wires come out.  

There’s generally another piece on your mount that can twist around so that you can mount your light perfectly straight. Adjust that as needed, and screw tightly into place.

Next, grab the ground wire from the fixture and wrap it around the ground bolt on your mount.  Screw the bolt down tightly to hold the wire on their securely.

Next, twist the ground wire from your light fixture to the ground wire coming from your wall. Twist them together clockwise.

Then, twist your wire cap on clockwise, securing the 2 wires together. To test it give the wire from the light fixture a slight tug. It shouldn’t come loose. If it does, the cap didn’t secure around the two wires tight enough. So, remove the cap and re-twist the wires together and then the cap.


Next, grab the white wire from the light fixture and twist it together with the WHITE wire from the wall, twisting them together clockwise. Do the same with the black wires. Screw the caps on these sets of wires and be sure they are secure.

(If your exposed wires aren’t long enough to wrap around the other wires, trim some of the plastic casing away that’s covering the raw wires.  You need about 1/2 to 1 inch of exposed wire to work with.)


Next, bend all the wires closer together and try and fit them behind the light fixture base.

Then, secure your light fixture base to the wall, however yours was designed to be attached. Some have two little screw covers to tighten down.

Lastly, insert your bulb.

Now, turn your power back on and enjoy.

If you are still unsure on this task why don't you just give aldridge electrical a call for someone to come and take a look and sort it out.

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