remedies to help winter colds & viruses in Walsall
8th February 2012
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It is that time of the year again where I am constantly being asked by my patients if there is anything I can do to treat colds.

In the past I used to offer homeopathic treatment, but have found from experience that at best these can alleviate symptoms for a while, but if the person concerned is run down or stressed the cold will eventually take hold whatever.

As a busy homoeopath, mum and wife to an equally busy husband, it has been a frustration of my own too when the winter virus comes along and tries to knock us all off our feet. So when I’m dolling out my medicine, and you find it hard to swallow, please understand I know exactly where you are coming from! I too always want the miracle fix so I can carry on regardless.

So what is my medicine (advice) for those of us suffering with winter viruses?

I say listen to your body. It has caught a virus because it is most probably a bit overworked, run down or stressed. Accept that every now and then we can’t be Superman or Wonder Woman (I know it is hard to believe!), and give your self a break. People will understand and you will be far more efficient functioning fully healthy after a good rest, than battling through feeling like death warmed up.

And my best tip to help you get a good night sleep: A few drops of Eucalyptus Oil (available from any chemist or health shop and much cheaper than other types of decongestants) sprinkled around your pillows, top of duvet or around the top of bedclothes, for anyone who is struggling to breath at night. It works a treat at keeping the air passages clear, and for any parent who has spent the night anxiously listening to their children fail to breath because they are so bunged up, you will be grateful for this very cheap effective solution to a good night sleep for all!

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