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27th February 2012
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So I became a mum and something happened that I’d heard about, but didn’t quite believe at the time. It aged me.

There, I have said it. One day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise the leathery skin, dark eyes and drawn expression looking back at me.

Being an advocate of all things natural and not wanting to use products that contain petro chemicals on my skin, I searched for a good couple of years for the perfect natural product, and wasted money as each time my skin remained dry, or became spotty.

I have recently had the luck of a new neighbour whose mum makes wonderful natural creams. However, I have also recently discovered the ULTIMATE natural beauty product (and kicked myself repeatedly for knowing about this pre motherhood, but eliminating it from my lifestyle for various reasons).

And what is it?


Before I became a mother, I used to work in an office with a water cooler. 2 litres of water was drank a day by me. I looked youthful, felt fresh and hydrated. I took it for granted as something I just did.

I then had my little boy, left that job to focus on homoeopathy fully and started drinking copious amounts of tea. Not a drop of water passed my lips again. A habit I complete forgot about.

Until just after Christmas, feeling run down and unable to shake off a cold I upped my intake of water to cleanse my system. And an amazing thing happened! My skin improved. It gained its elasticity, my eyes looked brighter, my skin looked plumper, and I felt … good.

It is still hard to force a big glass of water down my throat, but it is becoming habit again and I’ve started to even look forward to my next glass of water, the way I used to look forward to that cup of tea. My skin is glowing and I look younger again. Hurrah for that simplest of liquids that flows out of our taps in abundance.

So next time you want a “pick me up” try and make it water and see the difference it makes. 

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