Reborns in Walsall - what to look out for when buying a reborn doll?
3rd January 2018
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Reborn dolls are designed to look like real-life babies and are becoming an increasingly popular hobby activity and collectable item.

Over the last few years there have been a growing number of online private sellers offering poor quality reborn dolls. Many people are buying reborns from an online photo however when they arrive are very different to how they appeared.

Through their years of reborning experience, Agnes and Michelle from Bonnie Babies (based on Bloxwich High Street, Walsall) have seen it all and explains what to look out for when buying a reborn doll.


1. Remember - you get what you pay for

It is only natural to try and get the best value product or service for your money but remember you do get what you pay for. Those buying reborn dolls at very low prices will in return get a low quality item.
Hours of work and high quality materials go into a genuine reborn doll which is reflected in their price. Many online sellers will try and cut corners by using cheap and weak materials that will not last. 


2. Child Safety – be aware

Reborn dolls were originally intended for adult use/ornamental use only however over the years it is now common to give as a gift to children. However if a reborn doll is to be given to a child, it needs to be specifically made for that purpose.
Bonnie Babies has seen a lot of examples of poor workmanship that can be very dangerous to a child. The legs and arms on a reborn doll are very delicate and if not sealed correctly can easily come away from the body. If limbs are removed, the inside filling can also be dangerous. Again, sellers cutting costs so they can offer a lower price.
A reborn specialist adheres to strict standards and uses the appropriate filling. 


3. Buying Online Vs. Buying Bespoke

The advantages of buying from a shop like Bonnie Babies is that you can have a doll made specifically to order, from their facial expression to skin colour. A reborn specialist understands that your reborn needs to feel right for you and therefore if it isn’t suitable when it is made, you can choose another.
Buying a reborn from a photo is not the same as handling the doll. Certain dolls have different feels and a shop allows you to hold the dolls to help find the right one for you.
You can also get advice face to face from people that care about the dolls whilst online companies cannot give that personal touch. You also have a place to return to if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase or want to repair whilst many online sellers have simply disappeared when people have a problem a few months down the line.


There are genuine online sellers out there but you just need to be careful and do your research. A reborn doll is a precious and often expensive item that you need to be 100% happy with.

For high-quality reborn dolls in Walsall, visit Bonnie Babies at 119 High Street, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 3LE or call the shop on 01922 334140. 

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