Real Christmas Trees In Walsall 2023
28th November 2023
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Nothing beats the look and smell of a real Christmas tree, so don't just dust off that your artificial tree again this year get a Real Christmas Tree from Reflex Industrial Estate in Willenhall. Having a real Christmas tree feels so much more special, so let's make 2023 a Christmas to remember.

Reflex Industrial Estate have various sizes of Christmas Trees to suit all rooms and budgets and they also offer a heavy-duty tree stand, if this is your first time giving a real Christmas tree a go.

The prices are: -

8ft-9ft - £61.00

7-8ft - £48.00

6 -7ft - £29.50

5 -6ft - £26.50

4-5ft - £22.75

Heavy Duty Stand - £38.50




Our 5 essential tips on keeping your Christmas Tree in Tip Top Shape This Year


  • Check your natural tree is fresh when you buy it by giving it a gentle shake – a few needles dropping off internally is perfectly natural but if it feels dry and brittle and sheds a lot, pick another tree. 
  • When you get your Christmas tree home, saw off 2.5cm (1 inch) of the bottom of the trunk straight across. This opens-up the vessels to water once more as, after the tree is cut, the sap hardens to create a seal. Ask them to do this at the nursery, garden centre or tree farm if you don’t have far to go.
  • Next, place your cut tree into a bucket of water. Your tree can suck up anything up to four litres of water on that first day.
  • To keep your tree in tiptop condition through the season, you’ll need to keep an eye on the water levels all the time Don’t let the trunk dry out or you’ll need to saw some more off.
  • Make sure you have a waterproof tarpaulin or tray beneath the tree stand and check every day, several times – it only takes a few hours of dryness for the sap to crust over again. A tree skirt or wicker frame can hide all the practicalities nicely.

These simple tips should help keep your real Christmas tree looking fresh for as long as possible.





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