Property Investing Myths - Walsall
1st October 2010
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Property Investing Myths (part 1)

 In Walsall, West Midlands UK:

         1. It’s a bad time to invest in property.

Properties will always go up in value eventually so unless you plan on buying to sell straight away, yes now is a good time to invest.

        2. My property will be destroyed if I rent it out.

Many homeowners are worried about their homes being ruined if they rent it out.

This is very unlikely because when a tenant moves into your property they see it as their home too.

Receiving a good deposit is a good idea to assure peace of mind.

        3. Property investing is always risky.

Making money in property can be very risky. However, it depends on how you are doing it. There are safe ways to make money in property investing if you know what you are doing or have the right people around you.

        4. I would need to spend thousands of pounds on courses to get into property investing.

When your car brakes, you don’t need to become a mechanic to fix it. You pay a mechanic to fix it. In the same way you do not need to learn all about property to invest in property.

Find someone that has the expertise and pay them a fee to sort you out with a good investment. 

     5. Any house is a good investment

Although property is good investment you must have a strategy.
Make sure the rent will cover the mortgage and look for unforeseen problems.

What looks like a good investment can turn into a rope around your neck if you are not careful.

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