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24th November 2020
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Coinadrink Limited is now supplying a collection of vending furniture that both enhances are protects your existing vending equipment. Vending has transformed into a convenient and cost-effective solution to keep your workforce and visitors refreshed when on site, and vending furniture turns your machines into an eye catching destination. This helps to elevate your workplace into a happy, healthy and productive environment that shines a light on the type of culture you are looking to implement.

Whilst vending is already a popular choice for a variety of businesses, we anticipate that its popularity will only continue to grow. For example, more and more employees in the modern world are demanding high quality refreshments on site, such as floorstanding hot drinks vending machines and healthier options from snack and fresh food vending machines. This will encourage staff to stay on site during break time, something that will be important as we tiptoe towards a post-COVID world. Vending furniture can encourage your staff to use your vending facilities, with striking designs that will leave a lasting impression. 

From slender and stylish coffee stations to imposing vending surrounds and interiors, take a look at some of the vending furniture we can offer


Taking regular breaks may seem counterproductive, but they should be encouraged. Research shows that employees who are able to take a lunch break feel more valued by their employer, and a happier workforce correlates to a 12% increase in productivity.

Providing on site facilities shines a positive light on the culture of your business and a vending machine is a cost-effective solution that can deliver a variety of products that your team can enjoy. Refreshment breakout areas sit alongside your vending machine, with your equipment intertwined with seating arrangements. This not only encourages staff to take a break, but also encourages them to use your vending equipment. Refreshment breakout areas can also double up as meeting locations, and with charging points available they’re ideal for presentations and graphics. 

The ultimate work and play solution, refreshment breakout areas can be tailored to suit your requirements with corporate colours and branding. 


Stylish and imposing, vending surrounds are exactly as they seem. A tough exterior consisting of your tailored design surrounds your vending equipment to both enhance and protect your refreshment solution. Just like refreshment breakout areas, vending surrounds enhance your vending machines and promote high usage, and are equally as useful if you have one vending machine or a collection. 

The convenience and security of vending machines makes them popular in public environments such as trade shows, gyms and leisure centres. Sure enough, when you consider that Great Britain has 1 vending machine for as little as 55 people, you expect to see them in a variety of places. Vending surrounds provide an added layer of reassurance, making it tough for vandals to damage your vending machine. 


Coffee stations are exclusive to tabletop office coffee machines such as the Kalea Plus fresh milk machine, whilst coffee towers can implement your vending machine into a robust design that utilises space for condiments and recycling facilities. With options for coffee syrups and ancillaries such as milk and sugar to suit, coffee stations and coffee towers can be the “all-in-one” refreshment solution. 

71% of office staff in a recent survey suggested they would like access to higher quality hot drinks on site. These grand solutions show your workforce that you care for their wellbeing, turning premium refreshment facilities into a luxury destination where they can wind down. 

Coffee carts offer a similar experience, but with the added convenience of having wheels attached to the base so they can be easily moved into different locations. 


Vending furniture covers a broad range of options including water stations, rinser units, recycling units and condiment units. Water stations and rinser units work very well with water tap systems such as FRIIA taps, and intertwine space for fridges and shelving. As usual, these are custom designed to suit your tastes and encourage healthy hydration at work, vital if you’re looking to improve productivity. 

Recycling units are perfect for businesses looking to become more sustainable. According to Rubicon, 9/10 people in a survey said they would recycle if it was easy enough to do. With tailored designs that are sure to catch the eye, recycling units will encourage your staff to recycle a variety of items including coffee cups, paper and plastic. 


When vending is this convenient, this hygienic and ultimately this popular in a variety of workplaces, it’s time to make your solutions stand out from the crowd. Our range of vending furniture enhances, promotes and protects your vending machines with custom designs to suit you and your business. 

Feel free to contact us for more information, by heading to our contact form or by giving us a ring on 01922 640777.

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