Prepare your garden for Spring/Summer
13th May 2016
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While we have been wearing thick jumpers and coats whilst dreaming of warmer weather, there is one thing that is looking forward to warmer weather even more than you are... Your garden has been freezing and bare for the past four months and it's time to finally give it some TLC!

We have put together top tips on how to get your garden prepared for spring and summer.

1. Give your garden a spring clean

After months of being starved of sunshine, your garden will be in need of a much needed tidy up. It is important to thoroughly clear away any debris including dead sticks, leaves and any rubbish that may have appeared over winter.

Start with a clean canvas to start your spring/summer gardening!

2. Put your garden waste to good use

Once you have completed your spring clean, you will have a great starting point for a compost bin.

Create your compost bin by gathering all of the natural waste that you have collected to put into the bin. Make sure that you have a good mixture of grass clippings, vegetable peelings, paper and wood pruning. 

3. Fertilise your grass:

After raking up fallen leaves and debris you will be able to see the state of your lawn much clearer.

It is likely that after a very cold winter with little sunlight it will need a lot of work to get it back to its nice green, healthy state. The state of your grass is important to secure a successful bloom during the spring and summer months.

In mid-spring use a proprietary spring or summer lawn fertiliser at the manufacturer’s recommended rates. Feeding the lawn will increase vigour and help prevent weeds and moss from establishing. 

4. Plan ahead:

Order your summer flowering bulbs and seeds ahead as plants such as lilies and gladiolus can be planted in the spring and will be ready to show off their bright colours in time for the summer.

Now is the time to rearrange your garden if you fancy a change!

5. Take control of any pests such as slugs:

By taking control of any pests that you may have in your garden sooner rather than later you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Take an extra close look at your plants to try and spot any slugs and snails that have been sheltering in your garden throughout winter. There are plenty of natural solutions that you can use to deter pests instead of covering your garden in chemical deterrents. 

6. Keep your tools clean:

Before all the hard work kicks in, now is the time to ensure that all of your gardening tools and equipment are nice and clean and sharp ready for the warmer months ahead.

Adjust your garden hose to maximum pressure to wash away average garden soil and a hard bristle brush for heavier clay soil. Apply oil to your tools after to prevent them from rusting.


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