Planning – waste of time? or time well spent?
22nd February 2011
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I hear so many excuses – yes sorry, they are excuses – about why businesses do not plan.

Lack of time, what’s the point, more important things to do, I’ll never look at it again, it’s something you do when you start a business, I’d rather be doing the job, and my favourite ... I know what I want in my head, I don’t need to write it down !

One of the first things I ask a new client is ‘do you have a business plan ?’ and unfortunately too many of them say no – it’s no coincidence that the bank, any independent loan company, all grant applications all ask you for a business plan, to name a few, but more important than all of these external people, your business needs a business plan.

Everyone needs to know where they’re heading, which direction, what success looks like, what failure looks like, what’s a good day, what’s a bad day, what’s an okay day, how can tomorrow be better than today ?

Without some form of planning how would you know ?

What planning could give you is:

·         Purpose – why you’re doing something

·         Direction – where your business is going

·         Organisation - methods / tasks of priority - what to do first

·         Time frames – when to do what

·         Reason – why you’re completing or not completing a specific task

·         Analysis – what worked, what didn’t, and why

·         Risk - helps to identify and reduce risks

I know my business couldn’t work efficiently if I didn’t plan, and everyone I work with can see the benefits of good business planning.  Yes, to have a well constructed plan of any type does take time and commitment, but I’d rather spend time planning to get things right and growing my business in a controlled environment, than wasting time providing the wrong service or product to the wrong market, at the wrong time, and then putting my business future at risk.

So, is planning a waste of time ? or time well spent ? only you can decide for your business, but I know what I will do...

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