Pet care in Walsall - 7 Promises to make to your pet this summer.
23rd March 2011
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The warm weather has finally arrived and it’s time to get out and enjoy it with our pets. Here is Shelfield Vets4Pets top 7 promise you can make to keep your pet fit and healthy pet this summer.

1.       I will keep up-to- date with annual vaccinations

2.       I will keep on track with flea and worm treatments

3.       I will look after my pets diet

4.       I will stay on top of my pets appearance

5.       I will make sure my pet gets plenty of exercise

6.       I will check my pets teeth are in good health.

7.       I will get my pet booked in with the vets for an annual health check

By keep to some or all of these promises your pet is going to have a fantastic summer.

Best wishes

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