Personal Guarantees
23rd June 2011
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With rising insolvency figures many directors and business owners are being left to pick up the tab for business borrowings that they have personally guaranteed. Banks soon start writing very strong letters which can threaten personal assets and most importantly the home.
We are not suggesting that anyone should welch on their commitments, but if the commitment to a PG was not legally made then is the money legally owed? Not always.
The banks can be notoriously bad at keeping their end of the bargain by not having their paperwork in order or being sloppy or otherwise inept at arranging the PG in the first place. You can guarantee that if the boot was on the other foot, they would make sure that you knew it and certainly they will leave you with the distinct impression that you do owe the money on the PG come what may.
This is where we come in - with our help, your PG problems can be tackled once and for all.

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