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23rd June 2011
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Why should I not just do this myself?

No reason why you shouldn’t, but our experience in this field is extensive and inappropriate or untimely communications (either not responding quickly enough or, just as bad, too quickly) can get you in a situation which is hard to get out of.

If I use your service, how much will it cost?

It very much depends on the circumstances. Our preferred method of working is to provide support on a fixed monthly fee. It does need to be considered on a case by case basis because sometimes it can be very complex but more often than not it isn’t. If the matter is being pursued through the courts, a solicitor will be needed which changes the cost dynamic. Choosing the right solicitor can be very hard to do and rest assured that we work with expert solicitors in this specific field who thankfully do not charge like a wild boar

Why should I not go to a solicitor?

No reason why you shouldn’t, but if you do, be sure they have experience in this field. Ask them for case studies and ask to speak to other clients they have represented on this issue and have succeeded with. If they are reluctant to do so or they fob you off, then you know the answer. If they have the track record –great, but if they don’t, you could be just incurring substantial extra costs and actually end up with a worse deal.

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