Painting and Decorating Tips in Walsall
23rd January 2012
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Andy Hodson of A.Hodson Decorators is one of Walsall’s most recommended painters and decorators, in this blog he provides some top painting and decorating tips:


1) Have you got an old tin of paint? Not planning on using it for a while, then turn it upside down and this will block any airholes. Turn it back over when needed and any paint skin that has formed will be at the bottom of the tin, hence leaving the top fresh.

2) If you are using oil base paints, do NOT wash your brushes out every night, just place them in a jar/container of water making sure all bristles are submurged under water. Leave over night. Shake off excess water the following day and use as normal.

3) When using oil based paints, cut an onion in half and leave in the room of which you are painting over night. The onion will absorb the paint fumes. (amazing but true!)

4) If you are painting new or existing plaster then i would advise to use a matt finish as this tends to hide any bumps or imperfections. Using a vinyl silk finish tends to highlight all bumps and imperfections. You can purchase vinyl matt so the surface can still be wiped clean. If you visit any of the top builders eg. Taylor Wimpy Homes, Barrat Homes etc. and look around their show houses, you will find only matt paint has been used, therefore making the plaster work look of a better quality finish.

5) All top paint brands have a cheaper alternative paint eg.Dulux is made by ICI paints. Its sister or cheaper alternative is called gliddens paint. If you look on the tin you will also see this is made by ICI which is virtually the same paint but without all of the fancy advertising on the tin.
Dulux = Gliddens
Crown = Macphersons
Johnstones = Leyland
Therefore buying the sister paint will save you a small fortune.

 6) If you purchase any paint or materials, always pay by debit/credit card because if you have any spare rolls of wall paper left over for example, they can be returned and the store will refund the money back onto your card. However, if you pay by cash then 9 out of 10 times they will give you credit note which then you have to try not to lose as it may be six months or longer before you need another purchase from that store.

7) Buy a quality paint as buying cheap paint is often a false economy as many more coats are usually required. These types of paints are usually stores own brands.

8) Place a used roller sleeve in a carrier bag over night as this prevents paint from drying allowing the roller to be used straight away the next day. (saves washing them out every day)

9) Never work out of a full tin of paint. Tip half into a roller tray making it easier to dip the brush.

10) Make sure the other half has plenty of bacon in as its a job that works up a great appetite!

If you are looking for painters and decorators for your home, don’t hesitate to call A. Hodson decorators  for a FREE QUOTE on 01922 432086


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