Overweight in Walsall ? Find out how we are doing something about it .
28th August 2010
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Why is it you can be very disciplined in certain areas of your life but in others it can be a bit of a disaster.

To me I am very disciplined about work but when it comes to food ,exercise and alcohol it would be fair to say I am somewhat lacking !

For the last few years my weight  continues to rise,knowing you have to do something about but never getting round to it.

But you come to a point when you know you have to do something and that time is now .

Well, while Damian Goom the general manager at The Village Hotel,who apart from being a top bloke, also suffers a bit on the lack of exercise and weight gain department, I must say nothing compared to me.

But we are both competitive and so he challenges me to see who can lose the most % body weight over the next 3 months and see if we can raise some money for charity. Not only getting sponsored but the loser also donating £50 to the others charity.

I will be raising money for Walsall Hospice whilst Damian will be supporting the Rainbow Trust. So if you see us around please donate to these really worthwhile causes.

We both want to be very open about our weight and what we are doing to hopefully encourage others in a similar situation to do something about it.

We are both over the next few months intending to make full use of the excellent facilities at the Village Hotel Walsall Leisure club and also to use their experienced personal trainers to help give us exercise advice,nutritional advice and give us the encouragement to keep us on track

So this wil be the first of a number of blogs letting you know how we get on.

So on Thursday 26th August Damian and I met up and were weighed and measured  with the following results

Damian  Age 40  Weight 14st 4 lbs Body Fat 26.            

  Target weight by 30th Nov – 13st                       Body Fat 24.6   

Alex        Age 54   Weight 16st 9 lbs Body Fat 46.4          

Target weight by 30th Nov – 14st 9lbs              Body Fat  44.0


So my first session training session is on 7.30am on Saturday  with Josh Wickes an experienced personal trainer at the Village Hotel who is meant to be very gentle with his pupils !


I 'll let you know if thats true





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