Our Top Tips For Buying Safes
24th April 2012
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At The LITTLE SAFE COMPANY we sell a range of Safes and many other similar types of product. On our website you will find products from some of the top brands around today.

It’s not always easy to know what type of Safe you’re looking for so here is some information to help you.

Fire Safes

In business Fire can have a devastating effect if the correct measures are not taken. If you own your own business there could be a lot of confidential information lying around so you want is a Fire Safe to protect that information.

High Security Safes

All our High Security Safes offer sufficient protection for your valuables plus they are also Euro Graded offering the maximum level in security. These Safes are trusted by all the top government organizations in the UK. 

Home Safes

Small and well hidden safes, offering a high level of security.  Also offering outstanding cash value between £1,000 - £6,000.

Key safes

Key Safes also known as Key Cabinets offer a large storage capacity for the storage of your keys. Most of our Key Safes can be attached to a Wall.

Hotel Safes

When you go to stay at a hotel you want a High quality Safe, we can provide this. Our range of Hotel Safes are available with a Key or Electronic Lock  and are suitable for storing a laptop inside particularly useful if you go away frequently for work.

Under Floor Safes

An underfloor Safe some of the best around today, they are concealed in the floor and best of all they cannot be stolen.

Still need advice on finding the best safe for you, give us a call on 0121 505 2552.

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