Old Bras wanted in Walsall
26th November 2011
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You can support your local breast care group by donating your unwanted bras.

For a donation (minimum £1) they will dispose of your old bras which will then either be recycled or sent to developing countries.

Before the bras are sorted for recycling, they will be used in an attempt to achieve the World record of 100 miles of bras. In Spring 2012, the world record attempt will take place at Worcester Rugby Club.

This is a fun way to raise money for your local Breast care group and hopefully help to achieve a World record!

To donate your old Bras simply take them to the local drop-off point at Lingerie Shop You Wear it Well, in Walsall. You Wear it Well can be found at 11 Leamore Lane, Leamore, Walsall and you can contact them on 01922 478752. For more information about You Wear it Well click here.




You Wear it Well are now holding a tombola raffle in the shop to raise money for the Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group. There are some lovely prizes to be won, tickets are 5 for £1.00. They raised £580.00 last year and £600.00 the year before for the group so please come along and support because the group do a wonderful job, including the purchase of lots of equipment for Breast cancer department at the Walsall manor hospital and support ladies who are or who have gone through Breast cancer.

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