Off Vehicle DPF Cleaning and Reconditioning now available at James Price’s Garage
14th October 2020
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A DPF is a filter situated in the exhaust, it traps and stores soot particulates. When the fill level of the DPF gets to a pre determined level the engine ECU starts a process called regeneration, this increases temperature in the DPF, this high temperature burns off the trapped soot particles. 

Soot particles are made up of carbon and burning carbon leaves an amount of ash behind (it's like your bbq after all the charcoal (carbon) is burned and all the ash at the bottom gets left behind). This ash can’t pass through the DPF as it’s too large, so it basically gets pushed to the back of the DPF.

From there the ash builds up after time and reduces the capacity of the DPF, this reduced capacity causes the DPF to want/need to do a regeneration more frequently.

Once the frequency of the regeneration exceeds a pre-determined level then the car will put on a check engine light (Engine Management Light) and log faults for regeneration frequency or DPF performance.

If you’re having this issue then NO on car clean can remove the ash from the DPF.

It is vital that you seek a long-term solution to fix your vehicle problem…   

If your having DPF issues with your vehicle, call West Midlands DPF Reconditioning Centre on 07949 137629 or 01922 325485.

Based at James Price's Garage at Pool Street, Walsall, WS1 2EN. 

Find out more about West Midlands DPF Reconditioning Centre here. They are the West Midlands DPF specialist. Get in touch for an expert opinion and a quality service.



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