New Anthology, Poetry Through Fresh Eyes By Willenhall Poet Ellis Unchained
24th September 2020
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Ellis Unchained has been a busy boy during lockdown, his first Anthology, Life After Waking was released this May and his newfound love for writing has opened many doors, propelling today’s release, Ellis’s second collection, Poetry through Fresh eyes.

This second anthology showcases Ellis’s new knowledge and perception of poetry and the widening of his skills with the addition of sonnets and stanzas.

Poetry Through Fresh Eyes, unlike Ellis’s first anthology, Life After Waking, is also being released on paperback, with the cover being designed by Ellis himself. The works consist of three main chapters, plus a bonus chapter of Ellis’s unrelated work. The collection of poems that Ellis has put together have been done in such a way, to produce a roller coaster of emotion, prompt the reader to think outside the box and promote an alternative psychological outlook on life. It also provides a remedy to ease mental health, as poetry has done for Ellis himself. Some of the pieces are raw and to the point, but he quotes,

“life isn’t easy anyway, so a few hard-hitting messages are the least of our worries and may light a bulb for change in our hearts.”

The book has already received a mention on the fantastic Hope radio 87.9, with the excellent Peni Whelan as its driving force. Ellis Unchained appeared alongside the very knowledgeable super woman, Lucy Heuschen on the show, hosted by the inspirational, Ian Henery, who together, co-founded Sonnets for Shakespeare (SFS). Ellis also participated in the BritGrad Event with SFS, his thought-provoking contribution makes an appearance in his new book.

The epic station Hope Radio can be found here:

The amazing Sonnets for Shakespeare here:

Poetry Through Fresh Eyes is Available on Amazon in paper back and Kindle edition here:

Or through the book section of Ellis Unchained’s website:

A taster poem from the new anthology:

Warble and Proceed to Move

Singing as the tiny bird is heard, a chirp of a verse,

Difference is none from the onyx bird.

The crow’s bellowing is heard.

Sounds born are bound to be caught by the receiver.

Journeys through molecules, no reverse,

Creations are of no concern.

Singing releases emotion notes bouncing off bones,

Jump, dance, waltz, be free, go loco.

Please magical traditions reform.

Sound, can you hear it? Close your eyes, you feel it,

Always be ready to perform fun and joy,

Use little effort to conform.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020



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