WS1 Walsall is 6th on 'Crash for Cash' Postcodes in the UK
11th May 2021
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Crash for cash is a common insurance scam which involves fraudsters inventing or deliberately causing dangerous road traffic collisions, often involving innocent people, in a bid to claim compensation.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) helps insurers, and the police protect and detect fraud - acting as a central hub for sharing insurance fraud data and intelligence. Identifying more than 170,000 claims from the start of October 2019 to the end of 2020, which could be linked to the suspected crash for cash networks.

Figures reveal parts of Birmingham and the Black Country are the top “crash for cash” hotspots in the uk. Up to five of the top 11 postcodes areas are in Birmingham and WS1 area in Walsall comes in sixth on the list - WS2 ranking in the 30 worst areas in the country.

It is important for all motorists to be vigilant as we emerge from the pandemic as more vehicles will be on the road - if you suspect an incident is suspicious do not put yourself at risk but report your suspicions to the IFB's confidential Cheatline.

The IFB's Cheatline can be contacted on 0800 422 0421.

Tips for avoiding crash for cash incidents from the IFB:

- Know what to look out for

- Keep a good distance

- Stay alert

- Know the signs after a crash for cash

Top crash for cash postcodes in the UK:

B25 Birmingham


B34 Birmingham


B8 Birmingham


BD7 Bradford


BD3 Bradford


WS1 Walsall


BB9 Blackburn


BD8 Bradford


B27 Birmingham


RM18 Romford


B33 Birmingham


WF13 Wakefield


BD15 Bradford


OL8 Oldham


HX1 Halifax


M8 Manchester


LS8 Leeds


N9 North London


WF16 Wakefield


LU3 Luton


WS2 Walsall


BD2 Bradford


BD5 Bradford


B11 Birmingham


HP12 High Wycombe


B28 Birmingham


RM8 Romford


LU4 Luton


IG3 Ilford


BD9 Bradford


 Source: Express & Star 


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