Mental Health Grinder, Nature’s the Cure.
14th May 2021
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Mental Health Grinder, Nature’s the Cure.

Hello bundle of cells, it’s mental health awareness week again, and yet poor mental health still increases, more and more, day by day. The mental health charities today report 1 in 4 people suffer with one of the many varieties of mental health issue, that is a staggering number. How many people sit in silence? Too many dwell in silence due to ridicule or fear of going against the apparent norm, but I ask what is the norm? Surely not paying extortionate bills, council tax, income tax, road tax and value added tax (retail therapy, see the vicious cycle). On top of these strains and many others, we have children being failed at every turn, due to the stress of all above. Monkey see monkey do, which keeps the dominoes perpetually stacking to be knocked down. The teeth of society pass by one another with precision, grinding the human spirit to dust, but dust settles to the ground and mother nature decomposes organic matter and the broken is given a new lease on life. The modern way of life divides us from nature, especially keeping our strong minds from what really matters, living with a bright flame until it’s blown out! Nature collaborates with everything and brings it back to one. If a building is left to rot, vegetative growth will come and consume it. Take a look at the thriving wildlife in Chernobyl to see the importance of nature to our general health.

Over the last year many articles have come to light about the connection with improved mental health and nature. This comes as no surprise as there is scientific evidence and research based around what produces the most endorphins, without the use of a substance. The conclusion is exercise and the outdoors, clean environments amongst nature. Now trees alone clean the air, a simple organic transaction of gasses from plant cells to animal and vice versa. Just breathing in cleaner air will increase the oxygen levels in your body promoting the secretion of serotonin. This means just sitting under a forest canopy and breathing full and deep under a tree will promote a positive mood, imagine chucking the exercise in too. The feeling you get while partaking in these activities is the same as love. When you ponder on the feeling and not external thoughts (which takes practice), it’s the same as a warm comforting hug. Hug more folks, hug who ever will be hugged and never turn one down. These feelings are addictive, like those of negativity. Therapist will say it’s a rewiring to improve our mental health, breaking habits and so on. Thoughts also create these chemical reactions, this is why OCD sucks crumpets, thought after thought, knocking like the relentless tv license guy. Addiction will always be a part of life, just look at cats with cat nip, reindeer with mushrooms and many more. It’s all about creating the chemical within which our body is used to or enjoys. Why can’t we become addicted to the good things in life which don’t cost a penny, birds singing for free, trees and plants growing for free, all taking part in the system that keeps us alive, for free.

Today’s political and economic situation is a bonkers ride to be on. It is what it is, but we are missing the mark on many things on a social level. A key one for me is not looking beyond all that is before us and realising we are all singing from the same hymn sheet, just not in harmony, which gives the illusion of bickering. Now common ground for us all, is nutrition, water, exercise, and natural clean spaces to create positive feelings. So why are these few things that every animal (humans included) on this planet needs not being promoted. If nature and exercise is being encouraged now to improve mental health, those who are not suffering should be using it for general health. We are so strong individually, it’s ridiculous, and when we come together, it creates bravery in numbers. Bravery wells in your heart, when you feel it, don’t question it, act and talk to someone, never be scared to make that call, it might save your day and the soul you contacted. Plants and animals grow in sync, regardless of the colour of their bark, leaf, or fur they adapt and evolve as the tides see fit. Maybe we can start singing in tune with the birds and dancing like the trees to help heal together in unity. Wounded trees heal with time and keep on playing their part.

Love, Mindfulness and Peace are paramount to healing, and nature is the best place to start in my experience. You are the key to shifting mental health over to the positive side, it’s a graft, but living with mental health issues daily is a major graft. We are an instant society, this is not an instant process, be prepared for knock backs and always get back up. I urge everyone suffering to take those steps and remember there is always more than one way.

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A Poem for changing mindset and finding help in the strangest of places, forgiveness for self and others.

Pocket full of Change

Change is for everyone, the mold was set with love, pain and fear.
Like scars on the flesh, minds scars can disappear.
Within clouds they go, they reappear.
Your mind creates the images, then they blow away.
Rays of sunshine strike, now we collaborate.
The strength we feel inside, the weather can’t take away.
No need to worry racist, homophobic or bully, no distinction.
Change today become balanced, let your mind open.
The past moved on, it left us, fell into extinction.
It’s never too late to forget the mad worlds methods.

Any negative emotion created towards anyone, has been repaid.
No one is perfect the debt of karma would have been exchanged.
We’ve all made someone feel how we felt, in different ways.
On the other hand, our light, will have touched a soul.
On par with carbon inevitable to bind us all.

Living in the moment with love, peace, something clean to eat.
The powers will be there to share.
Let us unite, break and sink these wretched molds.
Start preparing to shake the worlds despair.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©

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