Men: stay clean, feel fresh, be confident in Walsall
25th January 2012
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Do only clean men keep themselves clean...?

We all shower in the morning right? But let’s face it guys, after a couple of visits to the bathroom and wearing trousers all day; our MANATOMY could sometimes do with a freshen-up! Unfortunately there isn’t always time or opportunity for another how about trying some fellas wipes?

Fellas wipes are a nice way for a man to keep his intimate area clean throughout the day and for whatever reason....

They are individually wrapped, (so easy to carry around; even in your wallet), pH balanced for men & dermatologically tested (so safe to use), flushable (so discreet to use), biodegradable (so good for the environment) and free from alcohol & artificial fragrances ....fellas wipes are designed by men for men.

Check out the feedback on our website or facebook page ...fellas – stay clean, feel fresh, be confident!

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Fellas wipes are individually wrapped, intimate cleansing wipes for men. They are pH balanced, dermatologically tested, flushable, biodegradable, and free alcohol & artificial fragrances...for when...

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