Managing stress with Hypnotherapy
23rd September 2016
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Stress management is about learning to recognise stress, locate the triggers and causes and dealing with it proactively to give ourselves more choice, more control, and less stress.

Andrea Bradley is a clinical hypnotherapist who has worked with clinets, with organisations and with business's as a stress management consultant. She guide you through learning the techniques and stratages,  for stress reduction and then support you in acting on them in your life. 

Stress is a mental response to a situation not the situation itself so these earlier statements could read "I find my job stressful" "working for my boss is difficult for me I get stressed" "I was very stressed when we moved house" now see what the difference is, in terms of where the stress is located.

For the autumn and early winter period Andrea is offering a short course of stress management through hypnotherapy sessions at a reduced price of £120 for 3 sessions. ring 01922649142 for more details click this link

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Andrea is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Holistic Health and Wellbeing, Andrea is the Centre Manager and principal therapist at Walsall Mind and Body Centre, Walsall's Premier Holistic Health...

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