Making Fruit Wines
27th February 2010
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Making Fruit Wines -

Basically there are 2 types of wine making.  The traditional method known as Country Wine making which uses fruit, berries and vegetables, the other method using ready prepared kits.

With "Country Wine Making" you will need to supply yourself with the necessary tubs or sachets of yeast, additives and equipment, all of which are available at our shop - The Barrel & Bottle, 4 Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich.  These wines take up to a year before they are ready to drink.

In the meantime, to give yourself something to drink whilst waiting, it's a good idea to look at some fast clearing and maturing wine kits as you can use the same equipment.

Solomon Grundy 7 Day Fruit Wines - An ideal way to make your own fruit wine without the picking of the fruit and ready to drink in just 7 days.  These are a 6 bottle kit and just need sugar and water to be added. These cost £7.99 per kit.

Young's Country Definitive fruit wine kits - Ready to drink in 3-4 weeks, only sugar and water required to make 6 bottles.  Available in 10 varieties £7.99 per kit.

Niagara Mist 30 Bottle Wine Kits - These wine kits combine famous wine varietals with sassy fruit flavours.  Delightfully light and refreshing with exciting combinations such as peach chardonnay, green apple sauvignon blanc or cranberry shiraz.  These are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion. Each kits contains a full 7.5 ltrs of juice and take approximately 4 weeks to make. £37.99 per kit.

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