Make your home secure in Walsall while you're on Holiday
10th June 2015
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If you are going on Holiday this Summer, there are many simple measures you can take to make sure your home is secure

Many burglars will target homes that are unoccupied over the Summer months however there are plenty of things you can do to deter burglary and protect your possessions

Security Tips:

  • Whilst you are, put a timer on a lamp in your home so that it comes on in the evening
  • Ask your neighbours or a family member to check that post is pushed fully through your letter box - junk mail can build up over time and may make it obvious that the house is unoccupied
  • Don't leave spare keys or car keys visible from your front door - this may encourage burglary and in some cases, hooks could be used to get the keys through your letter box
  • Don't leave a door key somewhere obvious such as under a plant pot or door mat - this makes it easier for opportunist burglars
  • Think about installing a security light to act as a deterent 
  • Don't put on Facebook that you are going on Holiday - A lot of information such as addresses may be found on the internet and this could create an opportunity for burglary

AC Electrical provide a range of security solutions from a security light right up to CCTV system

They specialise in installing intruder alarms that can be either hard wired or wireless systems which bells right through to red care monitored systems

Helping to secure your home or business premises - Give AC Electrical a call on 01922 235401

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