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1st May 2014
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"Luis quos amo deserviam" is the tattoo on Sunderland striker Connor Wickham's chest, according to several online newspapers this week.

I hope it isn't, because the correct quotation is ILLIS not LUIS... The translation, loosely, is ‘For those I love I will sacrifice’.

This reminds me of the man who wanted his wife's name, Maria, tattooed on his arm. A bit was missed off the end and he was left with Mario.

Another story is of a woman who wanted her husband's name, Frederic. Unfortunately the tattooist misread and she had Fried rice. No, I don't believe that story either.

Anyway, at Eerie Ink Tattoo Studio we take great care with all our tattoos, especially quotations. So get in touch with Eerie Ink Tattoo Studio on 01922 620655, or pop into the studio on 63/64 George Street, Walsall, WS1 1RS.

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