Losing weight in Walsall part two
1st September 2010
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Following my previous blog please find below part 2 of my quest to lose weight!

So it was down to the Village Hotel on a bright Saturday morning to meet Josh Wilkes my new personal trainer for our first session. I know I was keen but in hindsight 7.30 am was a little bit optimistic.

Josh was clearly a well toned guy and it quickly became apparent he knew what he was talking about. Josh explained that if looking at weight and fat loss I was best to do Cardio, Weights and Toning, coupled with a high protein diet and really cutting back on the carbs.

After explaining what we were going to do he quickly got me on the bike to do a 3 min warm up, then onto more intensive Cardio. He explained he was going to vary the intensity on the cross trainer as this was an excellent way to not only not get bored but also to make sure the body is always changing effort- great for weight loss.

So for the next 12 mins I did 1 minute high intensity then 2 minutes lower intensity. After just 10 mins of doing this I could feel it starting to work with me building up a bit of a sweat.

It was then onto the bike and rowing machine doing similar sessions. After this it was onto a few weights and then a machine where you pulled a wire across your body to work your handlebars.

By this time I was started to feel a little tired! Though not exhausted. So it was on to the Vibro plate and running machine for a cool down session.

My hour was finished.

Must say how impressed I was with how good the equipment was in the Gym with loads of different choice for a cross section of abilities. It was also good that there was such a cross section of people, not just the super fit types but all shapes and ages, so never felt embarrassed by my portly frame!

Also very impressed with Josh, who tailored my programme to meet my needs, understanding that I haven’t done this for a while. Really good to use a trainer as made the whole experience more bearable and made the time fly by, also ensuring that you are doing the right type of training.

Did I enjoy it? Well I felt better for it and the first step in my quest. So now onto the diet!


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