Local Poet To Perform At Shrewsbury Festival
21st July 2021
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Phil Buckley will be reciting his poetry at the Shrewsbury 'A Mile of Smiles Festival' on the main stage in Quarry Park on July 25th. 

  Phil is a poet who was born in Walsall at a time when the town was in Staffordshire. His roots and heart are embedded in Walsall, the Black Country and Staffordshire. He's spent time in the British Army and was a Social Worker for 30 years.    

During the time when he was a social worker he underwent training to help people who suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and  maintains an interest and involvement in helping people who suffer with PTSD to this day. He said: "you don't have to have been in a battle situation to suffer PTSD. I know many people who's lives have been changed dramatically from car accidents, assaults, child abuse, the sudden loss of a loved one etc.     

When asked to read his poetry at Shrewsbury Festival by Ian Henery, and he realised that it was aimed at cheering people up after lockdown, Phil said: "....but my poetry is all about personal and societal angst ... I write it to get it off my chest Ian!! ... do you think this is what they want to hear?" ...but then maybe Phil's poetry is a good place to start the festival as hopefully his poems describe a place many if not all of us are gradually emerging from.

Phil is also involved in Media and Community photography and has founded a social media site known as Karma Times which aims to provide a safe and supportive site for the general public and where poets, musicians, artists, photographers can express themselves and discuss ideas and events in a plonker free zone! Sent from the all-new AOL app for iOS

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