Launch of WASUP Book on the 14th July 2021 at Millfield School Brownhills Walsall.
14th July 2021
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Professor Gatrad OBE DL is a Consultant Paediatrician at the Manor Hospital in Walsall. He is attending Millfield School with Channel 5 News to Launch his book ‘The story of Three bottles’ which has already received raving reviews:

‘This brilliant book will inspire readers to look after the planet and question if they have ever carelessly thrown away a plastic bottle which is harming marine animals through poisonous leachates.  The quiz is a perfect way to get children to learn more about recycling and WASUP; the poem too is very influential because it makes the reader wish that the world was like that in the poem.  – Preet Mahli (10 years old), Blackwood primary School Walsall. UK

‘Every young child should read this book – written in engaging and informative style . Every class should have a copy.’  Tracy Coles – Head Teacher Blackwood Primary School Walsall UK

‘….this book could be a starting point for various curricula – especially geography, science and literacy’ Emma Buck Deputy Head Millfield School Walsall UK.

Having given talks and presentations to many primary schools it was glaringly obvious that a simple interesting book with clear messages on the scourge of plastic was needed.

World Against Single Use Plastic was founded in 2017 by Professor Abdul Rashid Gatrad OBE, Deputy Lieutenant to her Majesty the Queen, and Consultant at the Manor Hospital in Walsall. Professor Gatrad has provided humanitarian aid to over 20 countries, and is bringing together volunteers from WASUP and working with other organisations such as clubs, schools, faith groups, colleges, etc in addressing the dangers of plastic waste to the environment and human health.

WASUP has groups in over a dozen countries, and is tackling the problem of single use plastic, not only through education but also through taking practical steps such as cleaning up communities and canals, putting pressure on the plastic supply chain, making video’s, giving lectures and talks to colleges and schools, social media features, etc.

WASUP is a community brand with the Commonwealth Games. As Chairman of the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022, the Lord Lieutenant is aiming for a planet friendly games with zero carbon and zero single plastic use. WASUP has set up a competition to award a David Attenborough Trophy to anyone, any school or any organisation that collects 2022 bags by the time the games start.  

This book will go a long way in filling a gap in the school curriculum. Prof Gatrad is offering 100 books free to schools in England on a first come basis. or

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