‘Justice for James’.
11th May 2020
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As a bereaved family, having suffered the devastating loss of a son and a brother, in the worst possible circumstances, our ability to ‘recover’ is obstructed by three things. Firstly, by the inability of the law and the criminal justice system, to uncover the truth behind the wholly unprovoked and motiveless attack on James; for us, the truth is everything. Secondly, by the acquittal of the elder brother, who also had been charged with murder along with his brother, in what we perceive to be an aberrant decision by the jury and thirdly, by the sickening lack of remorse of the brothers and their family.  

We recognise that we may never learn the truth, but without the truth, recovery for us is impossible. However, we are able to ease our pain, and the pain of families who are suffering in similar circumstances to ourselves, by playing our part, in bringing about constructive changes to some of our laws and our legal system. In doing so, we hope that others can manage their trauma and grief, without having to contend with the agony that comes from of a perceived lack of justice, for their loved one.


It appears to us that, there are so many anomalies within criminal law and the criminal justice system, that we could spend a lifetime trying to understand them, let alone, to try

to modify them. Being pragmatic therefore, is crucial to success, which means that we shall choose our battles wisely.


The legal issues are complex and we know very little about what mechanisms are available to us, to bring about changes in the law. In short, we need expert advice and guidance from those people who have experience in bringing about change and also those who can provide legitimate weight and validation to our arguments. We also need considerable public support, to endorse our campaign and the cause.


We are starting, by seeking guidance from government and from The Victims’ Commissioner and will be pleased to hear from experts within the criminal justice system, who understand what can be done and how to go about it. 

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