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31st July 2015
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Many children are missing out on vision screenings, despite recomendations from The College of Optometrists who have said all four and five year olds should undergo the checkup. 

Thousands of primary school children are missing out on having their eyes tested due to a 'postcode lottery'. The Express and Star has reported that this means fewer than a third of local authorities across England are ensuring that eye tests are being carried out with 40 per cent of county councils admitting they do not provide vision screenings for children in their local area.

Untreated vision problems could lead to serious consequences with a child's ability to learn further down the line, as children will find it hard to read if they cannot see properly. Signs to look out for include frequent eye rubbing, excessively watery eyes, sitting close to watch TV, holding books or objects close to their face or being clumbsy and having poor hand/eye co-ordination.

It important to book regular eye tests for your child, especially if there is a family history of problems. Your child might be entitled to free sight tests if they are under 18 years old and are in full time education.

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