Japanese Knotweed in Walsall or Wolverhampton??
5th September 2014
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I thought I would post this about Japanese Knotweed. This plant can lose you the sale of your house, as happened to a friend of mine recently.  It can grow through tarmac and concrete and cause damage to buildings as well as choke off native plant life.

It was bought to this country by the Victorians who had a want for exotic and unusual plants. What they did not know was the long term consequences. Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant and it is now an offense to plant it or just to let it grow off site, e.g, on to your neighbours garden and you can be prosecuted for letting it do so.  

It is incredibly hard to get rid of. You cannot cut it down and bury it, it will regrow. Normal weed killer, even high strength does not touch it. Even burning it is not always sufficient or guaranteed to kill it. If you see this plant on your land then immediately contact a professional to come and treat it. Depending on how much of it there is it may take periodic treatments of up to three years to kill it completely.



I have attached a link that gives a lot more detail about it and how to recognise it. In brief it has bamboo like stems with purple spots and the leaves have a flattened base and pointed tip and grow in a zig-zag up the stems.






I do hope you don’t find it on your land. If you have any queries about this please contact me.






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