Is Walsall feeling anxious?
28th January 2022
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Feeling anxious? You're not alone. Across the globe people have experienced two years at least of turmoil, of uncertainty and of worry. It is a very natural that we should feel this way, when many of the things that have given structure and stability to our lives, have shifted.

I don't need to detail what has happened, because we have all be here witnessing and experience it. But I think I do need to say, Walsall has been hard hit! Walsall faced particular challenges before Covid-19 arrived, as one of the most deprived places in England. But despite this, Walsall people came together to respond to Covid, and I'm proud to be one of us, to be part of this community.

Now we face a new challenge, how to live with Covid as endemic, as a part of our ongoing natural lives, part of work home and play. Covid is not going away.

Self care has never been more important. So let's look at what we can do, a few suggestions for how we can adapt and develop to take care of ourselves in this transition.

- Get enough sleep. Lack of or disturbed sleep plays a major role in anxiety and depression.

- Take 10 minutes twice per day, to be quiet and focus on deep calm breathing. If necessary go sit in a toilet cubicle at work!

- Keep in touch. Identify which of your friends or family lift your spirits and help you feel relaxed. Speak to one of them at least every day.

- Let go of what you can't control, and think less about what you think other people should or shouldn't be doing. It's negative and a waste of energy.

- Watch the news only once per day. Avoid the news papers if they get you down. Spend less time on social media.

- If you're ill contact your Doctor. Don't wait thinking 'oh they can't see me, I'm not I'll enough'. Your health matters.


A really important point is; mental health is a thing, and it matters. Don't bottle things up, get help!


Andrea Bradley 

Walsall Mind and Body Wellbeing 

01922 649142



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