Is Walsall Buzzing for mechanical massage, with heat and aromatherapy oils?
18th December 2014
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If you suffer from deep muscle tension and enjoy a firm but gentle massage treatment, a massage treatment enhanced with the addition of mechanical massage could be just the thing for you. In addition to the manual massage, a mechanical massager is used which gives out a heated vibrating pulse to relax the deeper muscle tissues, helping to sooth tension and pain.
After warming the muscles with a manual massage, the massager intensifies the heating effect and spreads to the surrounding tissues. It helps to boost the circulation of fresh oxygen carrying nourishment and energising fatigued muscles, stimulating the removal of toxins and acids built up in body tissues.
The vibratory action softens areas of fatty tissue so is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite. It helps to improve dry skin conditions as it removes dead cells and increases the activity of glands delivering moisture to the skins surface.
Following the application of mechanical massage the treatment is completed with a cool-down of the muscles by relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils selected with your therapist to help enhance the treatments results.        
For a limited period only, until the 30th of January, this treatment is available as an introductory offer for just £25 (normally £35) which includes an individually prepared blend of aromatherapy oils just for you.
To book this treatment please ring 01922649142

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