iPhone save your data !!!!!
2nd November 2016
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If you have an iPhone with the latest update installed, keep reading!!! 📲📲📲

There is a new feature on our phones which we agreed to when the latest updates were... installed, that we weren't even aware of!!! 😱 Go to your settings...Click on mobile data ..scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see "Wifi Assist" now Turn it off!!! 👌 This sneaky feature "assists" your wifi speed by using your mobile data simultaneously when your wifi has a weak connection! 😡

This totally defeats the point of having wifi on in the first place, as it is to obviously NOT use your data!!! 😳 This seems to be a sneaky way to over charge you! 😤 so you might want to check your phone & then share this post so your friends don't get over charged either!!!

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