Introducing Barbara Carr - Walsall Writers’ Circle
15th April 2019
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‘Space Orphan’ by Barbara Carr was published as an Amazon ebook in 2017.


Space Captain Kalli Brandt rescues Mata, a green-furred Taal girl marooned in space with her space cat. Evil Taal Colonel Strom attempts to recapture or kill Mara but with Kalli’s help she evades Strom’s spies and assassins and foils his plan to dominate the universe.


‘A Match for Emma’ by Barbara Carr was published as an Amazon ebook in 2018.


A light hearted Regency Romance where Emma’s attempts to prevent her cousin being forced to marry Thomas, Lord Castleton are thwarted by Tom’s handsome guardian, Sir Robert. Packed off to Brighton in disgrace, Emma is followed by Tom and Sir Robert. To add to Emma’s problems, someone is trying to kill her.

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Ian Henery

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