Interview With Susan Vickers - Community Champion - Willenhall Lock Stock Festival 2021
8th September 2021
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What was Willenhall Lock Stock Festival 2021 like?  

“I think it was the best one yet, superbly organised by my amazing friends Nigel Dutton and Harry Constable, after just 4 years. I feel it's the best family friendly festival locally. So good to see people smiling and having fun again.”  

What we’re you doing?  

“I host the main stage each year usually on my own but this year as we had a ‘sub’ stage too, so I was very graciously blessed to have yourself as a co host.”  

Please can you tell us about the performers?  

“This year this stage was mainly pop and soul, and stage two was mainly rock. We had everything from new and upcoming talent to fully established tributes like Tina Turner and Fleetwood Mad to local bands like The Shades and Magnalium. “      

Didn’t you get a lady celebrating her 50th up on stage?  And two newly weds?    

“It's always great to see people celebrating at festivals, and we soamy big events it's all about making memories so what better way to celebrate a milestone in your life by coming on stage and have almost 3k people singing happy birthday to you?... Something to tell the grandkids .”      

What was the vibe like?  

“We have all had such a unprecedented 18 months ish, so it was so good to see human contact Amd interaction again, the weather was wonderful which always helps, and so many people bought picnics and chairs and set up for the day to bask in the,  relaxed yet fun and safe environment.  Lockstock is what you wantever you want it to be.. If you wish to just lay back and enjoy the entertainment with a picnic and family you can, or if you want to bring a group of friends and celebrate with dancing, singing and enjoying the bands then you can do that too.”      

Didn’t you lead the crowd with a finale of an Oasis song?  What was that like?    

“So many of us have lost people over these difficult times, so I wanted to bring us all.together to remember them, everyone had their hands in the air and swayed whilst singing at the top of all.our voices, it was quite emotional to see people hugging each other and shared to unity and joy of being able to have human contact again and some.sense of normality.  Music is a real leveller of people,  to be in a shared space with so many happy people with the same interest and enjoying the same thing  is a real humbling yet special feeling, it gives you a sense of family and unity. “      

Didn’t you do 2 festivals in one weekend?  What was that like?  

“Quite tiring if I'm honest and yet exhilarating at the same time. I kind of go into auto pilot, as no matter how tired you or your body may feel, after the adrenaline of the gigs it's hard to switch off in your head to sleep, so you just carry on to the next one then spend the following few days putting your body back together. However we do it all again and again each year and I hope I continue to do so until the music stops and as we know the music never stops!”    

Is community important to you?    

“The one thing I always talk about on my radios shows is how fabulous we are in this country when it comes to community, and the past few years have certainly demonstrated that. The minute myself it many other people post on socials or hear that someone or a family needs support with food, household items or etc then within minutes people within our communities all offer support unselfishly, it's such a tremendous sight, none of us know what life will throw at us, everything can change in a heart beat so to have witnessed almost on a daily bases various acts of kindness and communities coming together is so heartwarming, and it does even take a lot, whenever I go through a drive-through or coffee shop I always py the person's bill behind me and some times it can just be a £1 coffee but that person may be having a bad day and now they are smiling unexpectedly because of you with such a simple thing you can change someone's whole day, and one day that person may be you.  Not only does it make them feel good but it feeds our souls too. We all need to do more to look after ourselves and each other,  even some as small as.a.friendly smile can lift someone's mood. You never know you just may be the reason that person smiles for the rest of the day.”

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