Innovative Distance Selection technology will help deliver a safe and hygienic vending experience.
7th January 2021
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There has been a lot of talk about how workplace catering and refreshment solutions will have to adapt in the wake of COVID-19. Through Distance Selection technology available on a variety of coffee machines and hot drink vending machines from Coinadrink Limited, you can enjoy a contactless vending experience that’s advanced, safe and hygienic.

From convenience to cost, the benefits of having a vending machine in the workplace are too strong to ignore. And Distance Selection means everyone can place their trust in what is becoming a more popular solution for businesses.

Due to the minimal touch points hot drink vending machines entail, it is important to stress that it already remains a much safer option than almost every alternative, such as using the kettle or heading to the coffee shop. This is indeed something that’s been backed up by the Automatic Vending Association.

Distance Selection takes peace of mind one step further by reducing those touch points to zero. Yes, there is absolutely no contact with the machine required.

Available now as standard on the Zensia and Neo floorstanding hot drink vending machines and the majority of the Vitro office coffee machines, Distance Selection will change the way you see and experience vending. If you choose to enable the technology, just “hover” your finger 2cm away from the desired icon and your machine will dispense your beverage just as it would if you interacted with it physically.

The vending machines and coffee machines can cleverly detect movement from your hand or finger and will only register the user’s intention to vend when your finger has remained stationary for a second or two. So you needn’t worry about accidental inputs.

Make no mistake, this is unrivalled technology here that’s so effective yet so simple to enjoy. It will deliver the level of reassurance that so many of you are understandably looking for right now.

Because when vending is this important, you shouldn’t let hygiene concerns rob you of the benefits. Distance Selection simply adds to what is already a safe and hygienic refreshment solution, ensuring that the industry continues to progress and conform to the requirements of the user.

Coinadrink Limited, the vending company, anticipates that 2021 will be the year contactless vending technology becomes mainstream. Get a head start and transform your workplace into a safer environment with the help of Distance Selection on a collection of floorstanding hot drink vending machines and office coffee machines.

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