Injury treatments in Walsall - The basics
10th October 2011
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A fairly regular occurance when meeting an injured client for the first time is the lack of knowledge of what to do when the injury first occurs. I hear of deep heat application, warm baths, massage etc which is completely the wrong thing to do at this stage. For the next 12-24 hours our sole goal is to limit the spread of injury as to not cause us more pain, discomfort, bleeding, swelling, inflammation and have more time out from activity than is necessary. 

The simple rule is to RICE and avoid HARM during this time.


Rest - this means completely, not just from the sport if that was the cause.

Ice - Apply a proper ice pack (not peas!) for 10-15 min's every 30-60 min's.

Compress - Tubigrip, elasticated bandage etc applied to the area

Elevate - Raise the limb above the height of your heart

Avoid HARM

Heat, Alcohol, Rubbing & Massage

Remember Damage limitation! Rehabilitation can then commence more quickly.

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