The importance of tanning lotions at Costa Del Sol Tanning in Walsall
11th November 2014
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Whilst using the sunbeds it is vital to have your tanning cream with you in order to appropriately protect your body. It does not only moisturise your skin, which is the key in maintaining a long-lasting tan, but also contains ingredients w...hich help you tan faster and more efficiently. There are different kinds of tanning lotions and sometimes you might get confused on what type of cream is right for you and you don't buy any as a result, missing out on its advantages to your health and tanning effectiveness.

Here at Costa Del Sol Tanning Walsall, we offer the following types of lotions:
1. Accelerators/intensifiers - they help our skin naturally achieve deep and dark tanning results; they contain tyrosine which is responsible for the production of our own natural pigments. Accelerators are recommended for beginners and advanced users.
2. Bronzers - they help accelerate the effect of natural tan by giving our skin a beautiful chocolate tone, intensifying the tone of brown.
3. Creams with tingle effect - some creams might also have a tingling sensation. They increase the micro-circulation and oxygenation of our skin to give us faster and deeper tanning results. They have a 'warming' effect on our skin and are very helpful in tanning those areas of our bodies which have problems maintaining the tan due to frequent exposure to exfoliation or shaving
4. Bronzing intensifiers - they are dedicated to those clients who would like to accelerate their tanning process and also wish to intensify the tone of brown on their skin.
Some of the above also contain anti-ageing ingredients.

We also have lotions designed for tanning areas that are very difficult to catch colour (such as legs), ones that accelerate tan on the face or lotions designed specifically for MEN! Who said that men shouldn't use sunbeds?

Pop in to our salon and we will help you choose the right cream to maximise your tanning experience!
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