How to write a successful CV with Twin Pines Recruitment
29th April 2016
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Creating a CV that will get noticed by potential employers and stand out from all the other applicants can be tricky. At Twin Pines Recruitment, we have put together a few steps to help make your CV more successful. 

1. Make a great first impression

Your CV will show the potential employers the strengths and values that you can bring to their business or organisation. Always try and tailor your CV for the job role you are aiming for, you can mainly do this in the headline and summary sections.


Use your headline and summary well. Make your headline quick and to the point and in your summary you can explain why - backing up your headline claim.

For example:

Headline: Senior-level Interior Designer with expertise in 3D modeling

Summary: Senior-level Interior Designer with 8 years experience in space planning, remodeling, and renovations for residential and commercial properties. Expert in 3D modeling and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).


Think about:

* The type of job you are targeting and how your experience can help -You can be specific here

* Highlight any relevant qualifications or attributes that help show-off your ability to add value in the role


2. The Main Body of Text

Now you've explained your main skills in your headline - make sure the rest of your CV works in your favour for the job role.



  • Keep referring back to the job application, think about your skills and experiences and see how they can fit in for the role.
  • Know who the employer is - do your research, find out when they started the business and their own values. This will help tailor your skills to show the value you can bring to the employer
  • Make sure you keep demonstrating your successes. Think about your experiences and any measurable results that you can quote. This is a great way to constantly backup your strengths.


  • Make sure you highlight your skills with a bullet-pointed list. Perfect for when the employer is scanning through
  • Place your most attractive skills at the top of your CV or list
  • The same rule applies to grades and awards – always place your highest grade first (which is often the newest)
  • Keep your CV neat and make sure it’s easy to read. This is where you can use your bullet points and help keep lists tidy.
  • When typing, choose font styles that are simple and easy to read and only use larger fonts for headlines. Keep the font size around 10 (no smaller)


  • There should be no mistakes on your CV. Use spellchecker and get someone else to read it over.
  • Use ‘active’ words to show initiative – such as ‘created’, ’devised’ and ‘analysed’


3. What must be said on your CV

  • Previous related work experience
  • Qualifications and Skills – it is important now to include your computer skills.
  • Education
  • Accomplishments – these could be personal but RELEVANT achievements, for example if the job involves lots of communication and if you volunteer your time at the local Scouts Hut, put it down! It shows you are confident and easy to communicate with.
  • Strengths and weaknesses - it’s OK to put weaknesses, it shows you take an active interest in developing and it helps the employers see where they can give you extra training
  • NEVER LIE ON YOUR CV! -If you lie on your CV there will be consequences that you won’t be able to avoid once you are in the job. It will show your employer that you are dishonest. Also and more seriously, altering grades is seen as fraud.


In summary make sure your skills and experience are highlighted and are relevant - to do this keep the job specifications to hand.


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