How to sleep during a heatwave...
24th July 2019
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With the heatwave affecting us all, check out these top tips for keeping cool at night...

  1. Place your bedding in the freezer for a couple of minutes
  2. Fill a hot water bottle with iced water to keep you cool
  3. Use cotton pyjamas and cotton sheets
  4. Moisturise before bed with an aloe vera based cream
  5. Fill an empty spray bottle with cold water, keep available whilst you sleep to spray when you overheat
  6. Exercise in the morning rather than the evening
  7. Keep windows closed during the night to keep the house cooler
  8. Turn off all plug sockets and electrical items
  9. Place a bowl of water in front of a fan to cool the air
  10. Drink water often throughout the day, but not too much at night
  11. Rinse your wrists and feet with cold water before going to bed
  12. Place a wet flannel in the fridge and rest on your head whilst you sleep

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