How to prevent my windows from steaming up in Walsall
14th April 2015
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Do your home windows keep steaming up from condensation? There are many reasons why this may be happening.

Condensation in the home can occur due to a number of things, this could be excess moisture in the air, insufficient ventilation, lack of room heating or poor thermal insulation

You may find that when the glass in your windows meets warm moist air, the moisture condenses creating condensation. This means that the humidity level in your home may be too high

By solving this issue it will prevent damage to your home from moisture spots and it may help to reduce your heating bills as more energy is needed to warm up moist air.

To prevent your windows from steaming up you can reduce condensation in your home by:

  • Using an extractor fan in the bathroom when showering/bathing - or opening a window slightly
  • Locking in steam while cooking by keeping lids on saucepans
  • Using an extractor fan when cooking
  • Opening a window when drying clothes indoor
  • Not drying clothes over warm radiators
  • Not overfilling cupboards and wardrobes so air can circulate
  • Make sure rooms at risk are adequately heated and ventilated

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