How to keep on top of your cleaning
13th January 2016
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Keeping on top of housework and working full time can feel like two impossible opposites.You come home, it’s been a long day at work. The last thing you feel like doing is housework.

This gets harder when you have kids and the house seems to slide into housework chaos and weekend housework mess. Find out the secret to keeping your housework under control.

The big secret to keeping on top of housework is to pick three or four simple routines and do them everyday.

Here’s a list of 15 ways to get your housework and cleaning under control. Pick the four that will make the biggest difference in your home and do them consistently. You will find when the weekend comes along things won’t look so bad.

1. Get mentally organized and make a plan. Choose your four housecleaning routines and do them everyday.

2. Always simplify. A quick way to make space is to declutter your multiples. Half filled bottles of ketchup, multiple mascaras that you don’t use, the pile of books on the bedroom floor you read ages ago and need to get rid of. All this stuff can go.

3. Keep your counters, tables and dressers uncluttered and clear. Makes them easy to clean and gives your house a tidy spacious feeling.

4. Do a vigorous family pick up for 10 minutes everyday. Get your kids involved, set a timer, put on music. this gets daily mess cleaned up.

5. Have a basket for everyday toys. It takes seconds to toss them in the basket.

6. Spend a few minutes picking up and organizing clothing.

7. Keep your laundry organized so you no longer have laundry pile ups. Separate your colours and a whites in the laundry. Put clothing in the laundry organized and ready to do daily.

8. If you don’t make meal plans start now. Use a meal planner and list to cut down on decision, planning and shopping time.

9. Put the dishwasher on in the evening and empty it so it is ready for the next day.

10. Make everyone make their bed every day. It’s the start to getting organized and making routines that help with every day simplicity.

11. Do a quick kitchen night time clean after dinner.

12. Spend 5 minutes sweeping floors

13. Spend a few minutes wiping surfaces and cleaning sinks.

14. Keep the big jobs like washing floors or vacuuming for a weekend cleaning frenzy .Get the whole family to help.

15. Clean as you go. Don’t procrastinate about little cleaning jobs. If something needs to be done do it.

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