How to fit an outside tap in Walsall
27th April 2015
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To install an outside tap you should allow about half a day to do this and you  will need to have some basic plumbing skills.

Below is a summary of the steps you should take :

  • Turn off your existing water supply at the stop cock or isolating valve close to where you want to fit the outside tap
  • Drain the cold water supply
  • Drill a hole through your existing wall with a hole that will take 22 mm plastic pipe
  • Purchase an outdoor tap kit
  • Cut through the cold water pipe and fit a T pipe connector
  • Fit a double check valve and feed through piping
  • Attach the new outdoor tap and connect
  • Turn on water supply and check all connections

Or if all of this is too much for you why not contact SP Taylor Plumbing and Gas and for just £75 will fit an outdoor tap and also include a Garden Hose .

Which will allow you more time in the garden!

Call SP Taylor on 01922 474313

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