How to Clean Vertical Blinds at Home
11th February 2016
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Vertical Blinds are the most popular style of domestic blind and its no surprise as they offer a fantastic alternative to curtains, with a comparable light excluding ability while being able to allow natural light in the room through tilting.

Due to their popularity Any Blind Ltd want to inform you of the best way to clean your vertical blinds:

  1. Preparing to Clean - We recommend closing your blinds fully and make sure all slats are turned fully flat.
  2. Dusting - Secondly dust your blinds before applying any cleaning agents, do this by using a vacuum carefully from the bottom to the top of each slat. If your vacuum does not have an extendable attachment then a feather duster or cloth will work just as well.
  3. Washing - Finally, now your blinds have been dusted you can effectively wash your vertical blinds. This can be done with a quality sponge or cloth and mild mixture of warm water and soap. Make sure not to use too much water so the sponge/cloth is just damp.
So there you are the perfect tips for ensuring dazzlingly clean vertical blinds.
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