How much should you pay for carpet cleaning in Walsall?
3rd January 2018
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So your carpets need a clean, you get 4 or 5 quotes, the prices vary from £17 to £120 for one room!!!

What? How can someone be so cheap and another be so expensive?

Its simple when you know what’s what. The cheaper companies use old fashioned technology similar to what you can buy on the high street and use soap and water. They won’t have any insurance and very little experience and wouldn’t know a American shadow twist from a Wilton! (i wouldn't use soap to clean a carpet if you paid me double!)

The very expensive companies use bells and whistles to make you think you are getting a better deal, they will have a brand new van, the biggest adverts in the phone book and offer you video and laptop presentations in the comfort of your own home, sometimes with a salesman who works on commission and 2 or more people carrying out the job, all of which you are paying for!!!

So common sense says a recommended local experienced carpet cleaner will give you the happy medium.

Our prices start from £35 a room, we use the latest in carpet cleaning technology and with 20 years experience there is not much we have not come across concerning carpet cleaning! if we don’t know an answer we can find out with a wealth of knowledge only a phone call away, even we after all this time can still learn a thing or two.

Our prices are this low because we want you to have your carpets cleaned regularly not just when they are in dire need! our machinery is as good as if not better than any "premium" companies out there and the chemicals we use are by far the best available on today’s market! we offer you an honest service for a fair price

0ur tips for choosing a carpet cleaner is this, don’t choose the cheapest because you will get a cowboy who will do more damage than good. Stay away from the large franchises as they are set up to make you spend more money than you need to. If it seems to good to be true it normally is! choose a local recommended trusted carpet cleaner, one who will advise and not try the hard sell, one who knows what he or she is talking about, ask questions like are they experienced? Are they insured? Can they provide testimonials? Have they been trained? in the last 10 years i have attended 6 weeks of training and refresher sessions alone!

I hope this has helped you with the pricing dilemma, if you need to know more give us a shout, advice is always free!


For speedy and professional carpet & upholstery cleaning services contact Ian and the team at The Carpet Doctor today on - 01902 657393 or 07706 170717

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