How much does a vehicle wrap cost in Walsall?
26th January 2022
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Many people ask for a ‘ballpark’ figure, but we cannot really advise as such until we have some more details!

For example, is it a part or full colour change? Some stripes on the bonnet and roof?

Is it for a commercial or business vehicle, which may just require cut graphics and a logo or even removeable vehicle magnets?

A popular choice currently is a dechrome or chrome delete, whereby grills, door handles, or other chrome areas are wrapped in black gloss or satin vinyl to create a sleek look across the vehicle.

Of course, that all depends on the vehicle as well! Make and model, size, current colour and condition of the existing paintwork will all be factors in the final cost.

Are there any existing graphics or wrap to remove?

Once we have this information, we would usually request a consultation meeting with the client (and the vehicle) so we can look, discuss options, and review colour swatches for example. This also allows the client to get a feel for our methods and get to know us.

Depending on the outcome of the meeting, we are then better positioned to begin looking at costs.

Very often, the client’s ideas will change during the consultation, or they may see a different or better option,

Other factors that the client will need to consider include layout/design materials and labour.

Once all the above factors are considered and agreed, we will be able to provide a quote!

This may seem like a lengthy process but takes truly little time and will give clients confidence in our professionalism and experience, which we will continue through the entire process.

To discuss your wrap requirements, please contact Sam & Lizzy at Spicey Designs on 07736967418


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